Saturday, January 17, 2009

Home at last!

Well, it was a long, but mildly uneventful trip home and now I'm here, bags are still full, wrapped up in my pj's (non-air force issue!!!!) and about to enjoy my condo again! :) Maybe go get some food (I hope I remember how to drive!) and just chill....

The rest of my trip went very well, slept most of the way from Germany to Baltimore and then got to meet up with two cousins and their friends when I got there! It was fun hanging out with them and since it was late, I just hung out with them and then took a cab back from where we were hanging out back to the airport early in the am. (4 am!)

Trip home from there was good, but wow was I out of it! Got home to my mom and sis waiting with their beautiful smiling faces! It was such a "warm fuzzy" feeling!

Well, I just got up from a 6 hour "nap" and probably heading there again soon! Take care all and can't wait to share more of my journeys with you all and show some of the fun stuff I bought while over there! Take care and thanks for following along!

All my best,
Paul "Mr. D"

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